Services & Specialties    

    Clinical Counseling Associates is a behavioral health practice dedicated to meeting the personal and unique counseling needs of individuals, couples and families. Through our brief and streamlined intake process, the practice partners, Dr. Hoelker and Mr. Aprile, make thoughtful referrals to the therapists within the practice, based on a potential client’s treatment goals, unique scheduling needs, personal preferences, therapists’ areas of expertise, and insurance provider.

    Our practice serves a great diversity of clients with a variety of challenges. We have therapists specializing in the treatment of anxiety and depression using a Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach, parenting challenges of children of all ages, brief assessment of childhood behavioral and emotional issues, living and working with difficult people, and the evaluation and assessment of ADHD using the TOVA. We treat each client as one with individual and unique needs. Whether an individual struggling with anxiety, a couple contemplating divorce, a parent struggling with a child, Clinical Counseling Associates approaches each person from a unique and sensitive perspective. We recognize we all have individual struggles, while at the same time trying to function within the larger context of a family, job and community. We are confident that whatever your counseling needs, Clinical Counseling Associates will attempt to meet those needs through a personal, guiding and gentle approach.

We look forward to you allowing us to help guide you in your unique journey.

•  ADHD Evaluation
•  Individual, Couples, Family Counseling
•  Adults, Children and Teenagers
•  Clinical Assessment of Individual Needs
•  Day/Evening/Weekend Hours of Operation
•  Adult Male/Female Support Groups